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Exkalibur YOUniversity

This is about YOU

No jargon. No fluff. No BS.

You just jumped into the trenches. No ivory towers nearby. Just practical strategies and proven solutions … real world education … forged with blood, sweat and tears over 40 years of intensive and extensive experience.

As a Leader, I know you strive to achieve Superior Results, something well in excess of routine performance … from yourself and everyone on your entire team.
Don’t wait. Kickstart your journey and get started now with a few of our FREE Mini-Courses. See what we’re all about and then, let’s work together to make sure you become the best leader you can.

That’s the only reason we’re here. Period.

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Our Core Curriculum


Become A More Effective Leader
We will be in the trenches with you, sharing Practical Strategies & Proven Solutions to help you become a More Effective Leader.

Several Introductory Leadership Courses are on the way.



Get the Right Things Done
Build a Trusted System to manage everything you care about … so you can focus on Getting the Right Things Done.

Tools. Structure. Workflows.

Coming Soon: Our FREE Mini-Course,
5 Tools I Can’t Live Without.


Business Finance

Cash is King!
Build a strong financial foundation for your business and learn how to measure, manage and increase your Cash Flow.

Don’t let Business Finance become the Reason for Business Failure.

Coming Soon: Our FREE Mini-Course, Ten Essential Financial Concepts.



Become a Knight

Get the Best Tools and Training!

When you became a Knight in King Arthur’s court, you received the best armor, the best weapons and the best training.

Just like Leaders today, you were were expected to follow a strict code of honor and serve the citizenry.

The ingenuity of the Round Table, created by the wizard, Merlin, was to make all the Knights equal.

There was no “head” of the table and no one would have precedence over the other.

That’s exactly how we will work together.

Join us and become a Knight of the Round Table.

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